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A Brief History of Faux Fur

A Brief History of Faux Fur

Fake Furs were created a little over a century ago, first seeing the use of it in the 1910s. In the early days of faux fur, it was made out of pile fabric, which is leftover fibers from other fabrics like velvet, corduroy, plush and carpets that were looped together to create faux fur.

Faux-Fur-RunwayMore realistic faux furs began to be created in the 1950s. Silk was being used to create faux furs similar to leopard, gazelle, and mole. Synthetic pile fabrics like Orlon and Dynel were starting to be used more often. Those manufacturing faux furs were beginning to develop fabrics to resemble mink, beaver, raccoon, pony and giraffe.

In the 1960s conservatives and activists started protesting the use of real animals for fur. Protests started with wanting to stop the use of endangered animals and large cats but escalated over the years to include all animals and their well-being. In the 1970s a manufacturing company by the name of E.F. Timme & Sons launched an ad campaign targeting the fur in fashion and promoting the use of faux furs within the industry.

By the 1990s faux fur was more widely known and fur retailers and fur sectors in department stores began to close and in 2002 fur farming became illegal in the United Kingdom. Today faux fur is incredibly popular and preferred over real fur by millions. Some are even considering the today as “the fall of fur”. With faux furs becoming increasingly popular in fashion it gives brands the opportunity to give the consumers great products and amazing styles.