Pip & Tash

Inspired Designers

Inspired designers Philippa Madigan (Pip) and Natasha Hughes (Tash) capture the passion for for “all things luxurious and vintage” with Canada’s newest collection of designer faux fur outerwear and accessories; FURious Fur. A FURious piece is made from the highest quality faux fur fabric available, knit from the world’s finest microfibre yarns and features a custom lining and elegant embossed buttons. FURious Fur believes in making a difference and making ethical choices. Donations are made annually to PETA and other animal rights organizations worldwide.

Philippa, a graduate of FIT in New York, worked in Canada, the US and the UK and returned to Toronto to become the Vice President of Design, Sales and Marketing for one of North Americas largest knitwear manufacturers. It is here that she met Natasha, a fashion graduate interning in her design and sales department. The duo parted ways for several years as Natasha furthered her career in styling, design and sales. Philippa travelled throughout Europe and Asia developing knitwear, accessory, home accent and outerwear collections that sold across the globe. In 2015 they reunited with a vision to create a most unique and fashionable faux fur collection. Both had closets full of vintage fur coats they adored, but were troubled by the ethical repercussions of wearing real fur. FURious Fur was created to bring the glamorous design and luxury of real fur to the modern woman. The Ethical choice.

FURious Fur: Defining “Modern Vintage.”